Frequently asked questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Trainertec, or if you need support, Please contact us.We’re looking forward to get an interesting business dialogue with you.

Q: No stimulation when a transmitter button is pressed.

A: The receiver has not been activated. The receiver must be turned on or it won’t work at all.
The receiver has not been set to your transmitter. Follow the instruction to re-match.
The batteries in either the receiver or the transmitter are dead. Recharge or replace, as needed.

Q: The Beeper of Receiver doesn’t make any sound when the Receiver is turned on.

A: The battery in the Receiver has run down. Recharge as needed.
Loose battery connection.
The Beeper component is loose, send to the service center to repair.

Q: The stimulation seems to high, not high enough or no feeling at all

A: The collar strap is not tight enough. Make sure the contacts points connect the dog’s skin well.
The intensity level is not correct. Change the shock level.
The batteries are dead. Recharge as needed.

Q: Is the stimulation safe for my dog?

A: While the stimulation is unpleasant (it produces a static shock like we sometimes experience as humans), it is harmless to your dog. These devices also require interaction and training from the owner to achieve desired results.

Q: Is the collar waterproof?

A: Yes, they are designed to be completely waterproof.

Q: If the rubber stopper comes away from the charging port, is the collar and remote still waterproof?

A: Yes, this makes no difference to the waterproof status of the device, though keep in place if possible to keep debris out and for peace of mind.

Q: The Remote Trainer doesn’t have range or the range is significantly reduced.

A: The range you get will vary according to terrain, weather, vegetation, as well as, transmission from other radio devices. For best results make sure the collar has the light closest to the dogs nose and you hold the remote horizontally and away from your body

Q: The receiver seems can’t receive any signal or can not work at all

A: Check the receiver on/off button, make sure the receiver is turned on.
Check the transmitter battery, Recharge the Transmitter.
Check if you use the correct transmitter and receivers, they are matched previously in the factory.

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